News Coverage of Andrew and his Work

CBS News
Sep 18, 2023
CBS Sunday Morning Segment on Death of Classical

CBS Sunday Morning produced a video segment featuring Death of Classical, exploring organizations that were presenting Classical Music in new and unusual venues, and creating a different experience around the art form.
Sep 12, 2023
Death of Classical to Bury Beethoven

“Death of Classical is different. By bringing world-class musicians to cemeteries, crypts, and catacombs, the project also pokes fun at the idea that guys like Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms are irrelevant. Want to bury Beethoven? it seems to say. You got it.”
The Week
Jun 24, 2023
The Check-In: Classical music in the catacombs

"Death of Classical is alive and well... The crypts, caves, catacombs and cemeteries of New York City have become an unexpected haven for classical music lovers."
The New York Times
Oct 29, 2022
How a Producer of Concerts in Crypts and Catacombs Spends His Sundays

The New York Times did a Sunday photo feature on Andrew and his work.

"Andrew started his concert series, not to hammer the fact that we’re all going to die, but to focus on the preciousness of the time we’re given and the shared moments that make that time so meaningful."
International Arts Manager
Oct 1, 2022
Classical is dead – long live classical!

How Andrew Ousley and the DoC team are bringing serious music to new, untapped audiences

"There are a lot people who say ‘Classical music is Dead’. Andrew Ousley puts it on in a New York crypt, a cemetery and a catacomb to prove that it’s in fact still alive and well."
Fox 5 News
Sep 21, 2022
Experiencing classical music among the dead in Brooklyn

"Death of Classical is the creative genius of Andrew Ousley, who oddly enough came up with the idea to celebrate life."
Brooklyn Magazine
May 16, 2022
Enjoy Hot Dogs, Whiskey And Classical Music At … Green-wood Cemetery?

A conversation with Andrew Ousley about his Death of Classical concert series, which brings the genre very much to life

"Ousley launched the music series to prove a point: Some people may say that classical music is dead, but if you host gorgeous and moving experiences where the dead have made their permanent homes, the living tend to turn out in droves."
Friends Seminary Alumni Magazine
Dec 1, 2021
Classical Music, Catacombs, and Crypts: Alumnus Gives Life To Quaker Values In Deathly Places

"Wary of the all-too-common and dull presentations of classical music that have failed to attract new audiences, Andrew Ousley ’01 found an opportunity to revive the art form in a hundred-and-some-year-old crypt among the cremated remains of dead parishioners. With his non-profit, Death of Classical, Andrew hosts unique and intimate classical music performances in crypts and catacombs that aim to revive excitement around classical music. "
Oct 5, 2021
Death Of Classical | Just Because It Sounds Good Doesn't Mean You're Not Knocking On Death's Door

"Giving a voice to underrepresented composers and performers, while allowing the art form to keep growing, DoC is showing classical music is much more than we might have been led to believe, allowing some of us who might have never engaged in classical music still be moved by it, affected by it, and understand it."
Jun 26, 2021
As Concerts Return, Death of Classical Brings Beethoven to Life In a Cemetery After Dark

"The performance itself was transcendent, with the setting providing a sense of sepulchral Zen as Gil Shaham and the Knights delivered an energetic, playful and well-paced Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61."
BBC News
Jun 10, 2021
'We play for the living and the dead'

The renowned New York Philharmonic symphony orchestra has been on hiatus for the past year due to the pandemic, but has now finally gotten to play in front of an audience last weekend in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery.

Good Morning America
Jun 2, 2021
As New York reopens, a 'Hymn to the City'

"'As a native New Yorker, this is a celebration of the city I love, and an expression of gratitude to the people of NYC for the way that they always rise to the occasion,' Andrew Ousley, Death of Classical's founder, told ABC News"
Brown Alumni Magazine
Apr 1, 2021
Livening Up the Concert Experienc

Cemeteries and crypts become the settings for classical music

"In New York City, Andrew Ousley ’05 is presenting classical music and opera in unexpected places."
The Brooklyn Rail
Nov 3, 2020
Andrew Ousley Interview with George Grella

"To me, classical music is never going to die. It's something that our industry puts so much time and energy and anxiety into, and that's not the problem."
The New York Times
Oct 23, 2020
In a Cemetery, Music Lives

"On this musical walking tour of Green-Wood Cemetery – one of the few opportunities to experience live performance in New York this fall – music, the cemetery’s holdings and our country’s conflicted racial past came powerfully together."
Jan 27, 2020
From Crypts To Catacombs: This Entrepreneur Is Giving Classical Music A Radical Makeover

"Both the church’s crypt and the cemetery’s catacombs provide intimate environments for the music, with candlelight and an air of mystery. At the crypt, arches and candelabras frame the artists."
Musical America
Dec 3, 2019
Top 30 Professional of the Year: Andrew Ousley

"Ousley’s curiosity, spirit, passion for spreading the word, and determination to find entry points for new audiences have all contributed to his success. The fact that his events regularly sell out just happens to be a bonus."
Sep 25, 2019
Deep In The Catacombs, Classical Music Finds A New Home And A New Audience

“I think given half of our audience are people who have never been to classical music shows, that intimacy is such a powerful way to convert people to the art form.”
Jul 8, 2019
To bring in new fans, opera companies are leaving the opera house and heading to the catacombs

"New York-based classical music company Death of Classical staged Dido and Aeneas in a crypt this summer as part of its Angel’s Share series, and when I saw it, I finally realized exactly what opera is supposed to make me feel. And instead of thinking about it, I felt it."
Associated Press
Jun 4, 2019
Purcell opera performed in cemetery catacombs

"'When I am laid in earth,' the heroine sings just before she dies at the end of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. Rarely will the aria be heard in a more fittingly sepulchral setting than when the hour-long opera, composed in the 1680s, is performed this week in the catacombs of Brooklyn’s historic Green-Wood Cemetery."
AM New York
Apr 26, 2019
Burgers, bourbon and Beethoven with a side of the macabre in Brooklyn

"The event is essentially the culmination of Ousley’s life — he created the Burger Club, a “merry band of meat marauders” who search the city for the finest hamburgers, and is also the curator of a pair of classical concert events with whiskey tastings that are held in the city’s cemeteries, so he is very comfortable at Green-Wood."
Vogue Magazine
Aug 13, 2018
Brooklyn’s Best Underground Music Scene: In the Catacombs of Green-Wood Cemetery

"One of the most riveting and unusual chamber music performances of my lifetime."
TimeOut New York
Jul 25, 2018
See a concert inside Green-Wood Cemetery’s hidden catacombs

"The non-profit has the very specific (and very cool!) mission of producing classical music and opera performances in crypts, catacombs and cemeteries."
Jun 6, 2018
An Night of Opera in the Green-Wood Cemetery

"“The Rose Elf” by David Hertzberg will premiere in the cemetery’s catacombs which are usually closed to the general public. It’s the first performance in the classical music series also debuting called “The Angel’s Share,” curated by Andrew Ousley."
The New York Times
Jun 1, 2018
Is Opera Dying? No, But This One Is Staged Among the Dead

“The Met and Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall put on what for a long time was an extraordinary experience,” said Mr. Ousley. “But what people of my generation expect out of a cultural experience has changed. They want a larger experience than just the performance."
The New York Times
Jan 31, 2018
New York Today: A Concert in a Crypt

"In Manhattan, beneath a graveyard where Mayor Edward I. Koch, John Jacob Astor and more than 100 other New York City notables are buried, there lies a crypt. And in that crypt — a cavernous space with dark corners, vaulted ceilings and the ashes of past parishioners — you may listen to classical music."
Oct 18, 2017
An Intimate Classical Series Staged in a Manhattan Crypt

“I went up to check it out and was smitten by the gloriously creepy and characterful nature of the space, and the utterly unique acoustics that manage to be rich and reverberant while still incredibly intimate and detailed.”
New York Magazine
Jun 1, 2017
I Went to a Concert With a Basement Full of Dead People and Loved It

"Here, the gothic vaults that harbor the ashes of the dead also enliven sound, coating melodies in a reverberant glow while leaving a core of clarity."
The New Yorker
Mar 31, 2017
Classical-Music Venues, Hiding in Plain Sight

"At the Church of the Intercession, a grand Episcopalian pile way uptown, “The Crypt Sessions” draws capacity audiences."