Andrew Ousley is a director, producer, impresario and entrepreneur who is committed to creating a better story around Classical Music. His work has been hailed as "transcendent" (Billboard), "emotionally-charged" (Forbes), and "numinous and genre-bending" (The New Yorker), and media have described Ousley himself as everything from a "bleakly-winking impresario" (The New York Times), to an "evil genius" (Concerto Net), to "crazy-ass and cockeyed, as all great visionaries must be" (The Observer). Andrew has been profiled by The New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning, Forbes, New York 1 News, Fox 5 News, The Week, Creator Magazine, and more.




Concert Series

Death of Classical

Death of Classical is a nonprofit that presents intimate, emotional, and wildly unique classical music and opera experiences in unusual and clandestine spaces like Crypts, Catacombs, Caves and more…

PR & Marketing Agency

Unison Media

Unison Media is a leading Publicity, PR, Social Media and Website Design agency for Classical Music, Opera, and the Performing Arts.

Meaty Magnificence

Burger Club

Burger Club is a merry band of meat marauders who gather together with friends old and new, tasting and rating burgers all around the New York City area. Our Quest: to find the finest hamburger in all the land.


ANDREW In the news

CBS News
Sep 18, 2023

CBS Sunday Morning produced a video segment featuring Death of Classical, exploring organizations that were presenting Classical Music in new and unusual venues, and creating a different experience around the art form.
The Week
Jun 24, 2023

"Death of Classical is alive and well... The crypts, caves, catacombs and cemeteries of New York City have become an unexpected haven for classical music lovers."
The New York Times
Oct 29, 2022

The New York Times did a Sunday photo feature on Andrew and his work.

"Andrew started his concert series, not to hammer the fact that we’re all going to die, but to focus on the preciousness of the time we’re given and the shared moments that make that time so meaningful."
Good Morning America
Jun 2, 2021

"'As a native New Yorker, this is a celebration of the city I love, and an expression of gratitude to the people of NYC for the way that they always rise to the occasion,' Andrew Ousley, Death of Classical's founder, told ABC News"
Jan 27, 2020

"Both the church’s crypt and the cemetery’s catacombs provide intimate environments for the music, with candlelight and an air of mystery. At the crypt, arches and candelabras frame the artists."
Jul 8, 2019

"New York-based classical music company Death of Classical staged Dido and Aeneas in a crypt this summer as part of its Angel’s Share series, and when I saw it, I finally realized exactly what opera is supposed to make me feel. And instead of thinking about it, I felt it."
Vogue Magazine
Aug 13, 2018

"One of the most riveting and unusual chamber music performances of my lifetime."
The New York Times
Jun 1, 2018

“The Met and Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall put on what for a long time was an extraordinary experience,” said Mr. Ousley. “But what people of my generation expect out of a cultural experience has changed. They want a larger experience than just the performance."